Benefits of League Coaching

League of Legends coaching is a way for players to improve their gameplay by learning from professional coaches and high ELO players. It allows them to understand their mistakes and make the necessary changes to improve their game. It also helps them to unlock their full potential and increase their rank in ranked matches. In addition to the obvious benefits of League Coaching, it can help players develop skills and habits that they can carry over to other areas of their lives.

League Coaches are paid to watch other people play League of Legends and provide them with feedback on their performance. They typically focus on a number of different aspects of the game, including last hitting, skill shot accuracy, and positioning. Most League of Legends coaches are also skilled at recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of their customers. They can then offer advice and guidance on how to overcome those weaknesses.

The cost of League of Legends coaching varies depending on the coach and their level of experience. A League of Legends coach with a lot of experience may charge upwards of $2,000 per month. However, coaches with less experience may charge much lower fees. Some League of Legends coaching services are offered online, which can reduce the costs associated with hiring a professional coach.

In general, a League of Legends coach can expect to earn around $55 an hour. This translates to about $21,000 per year at the highest level of League of Legends competition. However, coaches that work for eSports organizations may receive salaries of up to $100,000 per year.

Many people become coaches because they enjoy watching kids learn about the joys of sports and the value of teamwork. They can also develop friendships with other parents and children who share their interest in sports. In addition, becoming a coach can help adults reconnect with the hobbies they enjoyed as youths.

While most League of Legends coaches will elevate your physical gameplay, they can also help you find the right mental approach to each ranked game. They can help you correct the strategic mistakes that most low elo players make, like wave management and recall timing.

Another benefit of a League of Legends coach is their understanding of the meta. The meta can shift rapidly, meaning that champions and strategies that were powerful one day may become less effective the next. A League of Legends coach can help you stay on top of the current meta and provide you with tips for how to optimize your gameplay to match the changing meta.

While there are a few legitimate League of Legends coaches, there are also a lot of scammers out there who will do anything to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Some of these scammers will even log into other players’ accounts and play games on their behalf, which is known as boosting. Be sure to read reviews of League of Legends coaching companies before making a decision to buy their services.

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