How Do You Choose a Commercial Electrical Contractor?

Commercial electrical contractor are not all the same as residential ones. Not every electrical contractor becomes an electrical contractor, although most commercial and residential electricians do. This allows them to take on smaller projects as part of a group or independently. Just as promised, here are the top five differences between commercial and residential electrical contractors. This information should help you choose which electrical contractor is right for you.

commercial electrical contractor

There are many differences in the amount of experience that commercial electrical contractors have. The majority of commercial electrical contractors started out as apprentice electricians, meaning they were able to work under someone else while still learning their trade. Because of this, they are probably the more knowledgeable in the field and have more potential for bigger jobs later. On the other hand, most residential electrical remodeling work takes place through one company. This means that the commercial electricians have no personal relationships with any of the homeowners and therefore, no direct contact with customers.

Another major difference is in the level of safety that you are going to experience with a commercial electrical contractor. Most residential electricians have only been employed to change out old wiring or perform small repairs for home owners. They will usually use ladders and basic tools for any small home improvement projects. When it comes to commercial electrical systems, however, you will find that commercial electrical contractors are the experts when it comes to wiring, installing new wiring and other electrical maintenance tasks. They often need to use specialized electrical equipment like cable testers, wire strippers, and so on.

Finally, you should know the difference between commercial electrical contractors and commercial construction contractors. While both types of contractors usually hire from a pool of candidates, the qualifications of each type of contractor may vary. A commercial electrical contractor will be licensed and have met all of the state’s required prerequisites. Commercial construction contractors usually just need a permit to begin building. On top of that, commercial electrical contractors are not as heavily regulated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

How can you tell if a commercial electrical contractor is right for you? One way is to contact us today and schedule a free consultation. In addition to our free no obligation quotes, we will also work with you throughout the entire construction process to ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner. We will also work with you until the job is finished to ensure that it meets all necessary code requirements. We will even provide you with a safety inspection report once the project is completed.

There are several reasons why you might need an electrician, including faulty wiring, a malfunctioning electric panel, or other electrical maintenance issues. Either way, you can contact us today to discuss your commercial electrical contractor options. You can trust us to give you the best estimate for your commercial construction project.

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