Michigan Vodka

The state of Michigan continues to grow in popularity for its spirits and high-rated beers. Vodka is one of the many products produced in the state. You can find it at various restaurants, bars, and stores throughout the state. A few of the best vodkas you can try are made by companies in the state.

Two James Distillery is a company that was founded by David Landrum and Peter Bailey. Their distillery is located in Corktown, a historic district in Detroit. They are dedicated to using only locally sourced ingredients. These ingredients include corn, wheat, barley, and potatoes. This vodka is made from these locally sourced ingredients. It is also known as the 28 Island Vodka.

North River Vodka is a vodka that was created in Jackson, MI in 2018. In honor of Chris and Amanda’s late father, they started this vodka. For each bottle sold, they donate one pound of potato to a food pantry in the state. If you want to get your hands on a bottle of this vodka, you can request it from your local store or liquor store. Currently, this vodka is available in about 50 stores and restaurants across the state.

Another brand that is gaining a lot of attention in the state is Temperance Distillery. Their vodka is made from organic wheat and distilled five times. As you can imagine, thisĀ Michigan vodka vodka is very smooth and sweet. The vodka is also infused with Alaskan glacier water and Rocky Mountain Mineral water.

Two other vodkas that are made in the state are Northern United Brewing Company and Long Road Distillers. Each distillery uses different grains and water to make its vodka. Most of the vodkas on the market are made with grain.

Besides the traditional potatoes that are used in the production of vodka, Michigan Vodka has also been made from vegetables. Our/Detroit Vodka was made in Detroit and is packaged in a squat beer bottle-shaped container. It is topped with a metal crown cap. Originally, it was served at the Grand River Brewery. But after the distillery received the gold medal for pure Michigan potato vodka from the American Distilling Institute, the distillery decided to change the packaging.

Michigan’s oldest craft distillery is the Grand Traverse distillery. Their vodka is made from rye that has been grown in the Traverse City area. During the process, they add local cherries to the mix.

Located in the city of Temperance, Michigan, Temperance Distillery is another distillery that uses locally sourced ingredients. It produces vodka, white whiskey, and gin. Earlier this year, it won the bronze medal at the International Spirits Competition in New York for its vodka.

The Iott family has been farming in the Kalkaska area for over a century. They currently grow 22 million pounds of seed potatoes per year. When they aren’t producing the seeds for the seed potatoes, they use them to produce vodka.

A few other great vodkas in the state include Coppercraft Gin, which is distilled in Holland and then diluted with lime juice. Whether you like to dilute your vodka with tonic water, or with fresh squeezed lime juice, this vodka is a great choice.

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